Table of Contents

PrefaceWhy Fortran90?

  1. Your first program (Program organization, write statements)
  2. Working with numbers (variables and loops)
    1. Newton-Raphson solver (also, how to "read" variables)
  3. Numerical integration (trapezoid method, subroutines/functions and logical expressions)
    1. Monte Carlo integration (random number generation)
  4. Grouping numbers (arrays)
  5. Advanced I/O (file handling, formatted input and output)

A short Introduction to F90

In Class Demos:

  1. Ising model starter (26 Sept 02008)
    1. Ising model FAQ (added in response to student emails)
    2. Ising model postmortem (Now that you have seen how it works, what would you tell your past-self in order to enable him/her to complete the problem?)

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